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The Truth Revealed: Is Low Unemployment Causing a Medical Sales Jobs Shortage?

There’s a massive talent shortage, and recruiters and employers are finding low unemployment rates are only increasing the struggle to find talented candidates. The issue is only heightened when job seekers believe there’s a shortage in the job market too.

So, which is it?

In this report, we dig deep into medical sales employees’ fears about their future job searches during a time of low unemployment. Through these fears we find out the ultimate truth: is there a shortage in medical sales jobs or are job seekers fearing remnants of recessions and hardships from the past?

Give your hiring and recruitment teams the power to connect with job seekers on a deeper, more meaningful level. With this report you’ll gain an understanding of medical sales candidates’ fears, misconceptions, and even hopes for the future.

Download your free report now to find out what job seekers fear about their future careers and discover the truth about if there really is a shortage in medical sales jobs.

In this report, we’ll reveal the truth behind:

  • Fears stemming from past recessions
  • Why low unemployment rates now make job seekers fear the future
  • Medical sales employees’ perceptions of a job shortage
  • The truth about the current medical sales job search status
  • How you can attract top candidates, in spite of fear

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